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Banaue Elders

Lila took the first shot below. I used hers because it's about eleventy times better than any I shot.
Old folks from the Ifugao culture sit out where the tourists can see them. It'sexpected that a tip will be offered.
The practice is not without controversy. Some see it as a demeaning use of tribalelders. (I suspect it's not the people who benefit from the tips who feel that way;it's a poor area, and every centavo helps.)
But they seemed happy to be there, chatting and chewing betel together.
These other fellows certainly don't mind being gawked at. They are numerous statues of Bulol, a local rice god/guardian (but see this). Usually made of wood, these stonefellows seemed especially grave.
I like this picture. It reminds me of a kids' puzzle: "How many presidents can you find drawn in this tree?"
How many Bulols can you find in this picture?

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