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Simbaan a Bassit (Small Church), Vigan

Having just read The Graveyard Book, I've been thinking all day of the various graveyards I've visited.

Back in August of 2005, Lila took me on my first trip to the Philippines. We stayed in Manila, and visited Baguio and Vigan up North.

Vigan is a UNESCO World Heritage site, famed for its Spanish colonial architecture.

But perhaps the highlight for me was a beautiful, small cemetery. The Simbaan a Bassit ("small church" in Ilocano, the local dialect) was built in the 1850s, and is just the sort of pile of tombs and mausoleams I was imagining as I reac The Graveyard book.

The front of the church is rather unimposing, but on a blistering sunny day, the rundown cemetery behind the church was radiant.

Without further comment, here are some pictures.

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